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Learn To Give Richly To God

By Zac Poonen

In 2 Corinthians 9:6, Apostle Paul talks about the subject of giving. He says that if we are miserly in our giving, we will reap proportionately too. If you sow just a little bit of seed, you will get only a small harvest. If you sow plenty of seed then you will get a big harvest. Many money-loving preachers (especially television evangelists) have used this verse to urge believers to give them money. Such preachers are hucksters who are out to deceive simple believers.

What did Jesus tell the rich young ruler who came to Him? He told him to give all his money away to the poor and to come and follow Him without his money!! Jesus did not say (as most of today’s would), “Sell what you have and give me the money, because we have many needs in our ministry. I have to support 12 disciples and their families.” Jesus wanted the man and not His money. But where can we find servants of the Lord today, who will tell a rich person, “We are not one bit interested in your money. We only want to you to grow spiritually. So give your money to whomever you like and come and hear the Word of God in our church”? We however, say exactly that to the visitors who come to our church – constantly.

In 2 Corinthians 9:7, we read that “God loves a cheerful giver.” Under the old covenant, the emphasis was on how much one gave – 10% plus other offerings. Under the new covenant however, the emphasis is on how one gave – cheerfully or reluctantly. The question now is not one of quantity of giving, but of quality of giving. Under the new covenant, quality alone is emphasised – even in the type of church one builds.

Many believers are spiritually poor because they are miserly and tightfisted towards God. Be large-hearted and rich in your giving to God – first of all with your life and then with your time and your possessions as well. And you will find that God repays you a hundredfold.

When I was single, I did not have many expenses, and I gave to God’s work most of my income from the Navy. When I got married later, I found I had many financial needs. But I never got into debt even once. I never had to borrow money from anyone at any time, because God took care of us and repaid what I had given Him earlier. So I can tell you from my experience:

Learn to give richly to God – and you will find your financial problems solved. But let me warn you to give wisely. Don’t give money to preachers who ask you for money. And don’t ever give to preachers who spend lavishly. They will waste your money. Pray and seek God’s will and give where God shows you that the need is the greatest. Give to the poor and not to the rich. Give to those who are really in need. You will then find that God gives you a rich harvest at the time of your need. It cannot be the will of God that any of His children should ever be in debt or face constant financial problems – when they have such a rich Father in heaven. The reason why many believers face such problems is because they have never been rich towards God. We reap what we sow.

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